Adults who experienced childhood abuse in an institutional setting

Micah Projects is committed to supporting individuals, who experienced childhood abuse in an institutional setting, by being present with them in seeking justice and healing so as to enhance their quality of life through recognition and redress.

Lotus Place is a dedicated resource centre for people who experienced institutional abuse. The centres provide opportunity, resources and services to people who are seeking connection and support through a shared understanding of the impact of the betrayal of trust on their childhood, with life-long consequences on their quality of life as adults.

Lotus Place exists in three locations, Brisbane, Rockhampton and Townsville from which outreach to surrounding communities occurs through an integrated funding response by the Australian and Queensland governments. Lotus Place is part of the National network of Find and Connect services.

Lotus Place provides:

  • a space to achieve reliable and meaningful connections with others 
  • a place where childhood experiences and consequences of, can be shared and respected
  • support to uncover your history and trace your family
  • support to reconnect with families, if desired
  • counselling services upon request
  • a gateway to government and community services
  • individual advocacy and support
  • broader community advocacy for the securing of rights, including the rights to redress
  • increased acknowledgment and understanding through community education.

Lotus Place team members come from varying backgrounds with diverse qualifications and skills. Micah Projects works as a team across all programs, to afford a high quality integrated service to the individuals we support.

Visit the Lotus Place Website