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Posted 05-05-2015
Remembering the victims of family and domestic violence

At least six Australian women are killed by their intimate partner every month. 

As part of Domestic and Family Violence Month, a special candle-lighting ceremony will be held tomorrow night.

Posted 26-03-2015
Homelessness bodies welcome extension of NPAH funding

Brisbane based community organisation Micah Projects has welcomed the announcement of a two-year extension in funding for the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness. 

Karyn Walsh, CEO of Micah Projects, said “It is a relief to know that we will not have to cease services to very vulnerable people in Brisbane, and that we can continue to build the partnerships that have been so successful in ensuring that people living on the streets can access housing and services in a more timely model.”

Posted 17-03-2015
West End committed to Closing the Gap

A coalition of local community agencies, committed to closing the gap in Indigenous life expectancy, reducing homelessness and imprisonment rates, improving health outcomes and reducing the number of Indigenous children going into care, is gathering to express their commitment on Close the Gap day next Thursday, 19th March, in West End.

Posted 21-01-2015
Let's not forget the homeless

"The reality is that many individuals and families can slide into homelessness with one major hit to their income, whether this be losing their jobs or a change to their government income. A strong state needs to consider not only the economic pillars, but the social infrastructure pillar as well."

Posted 18-12-2014
Milestone for Brisbane home for good – 500 Lives 500 Homes

83 individuals and 36 families, including 75 children – a total of 119 households - have now been successfully housed, due to the efforts of the 500 Lives 500 Homes local partners as part of the State Government’s home for good campaign, which is well in advance of the eight-month target.

Posted 18-11-2014
Fifth Anniversary National Apology

This week sees the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Australian Government’s formal apology to Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants, delivered at a special remembrance event in Parliament House, Canberra on Monday 16 November, 2009.

Posted 04-08-2014
32 individuals and 17 families successfully housed since March!

As Australia prepares to acknowledge Homeless Person’s Week, a number of local agencies are collectively getting results in ending homelessness as a direct result of the 500 Lives 500 Homes campaign, which began in March.

500 Lives 500 Homes is the local effort of Home for Good initiative by the Queensland Government, which continues to work towards housing 500 households over the next three years.