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Posted 04-08-2020
If not now, when?

COVID-19 has made visible the extent of couch surfing and rough sleeping in Australia, and brought about an increase in homelessness as more people are faced with unemployment and the loss of income. We need to commit to giving our most vulnerable a home, writes Karyn Walsh.

Posted 01-07-2020
Will The Covid Crisis Spur Us To End Homelessness?

"There are many good programs, but they tend to treat the symptoms, or simply aren’t big enough to fix the problem in a given community. The communities that are reducing and ending homelessness are working at the population level," Rosanne Haggerty, Community Solutions.

Posted 08-06-2020
Has the coronavirus pandemic proved that homelessness is solvable?

In the days before the coronavirus shutdown took effect, a massive operation was underway in Australia's capital cities — to get more than 7,000 homeless people off the streets and into rooms in hotels, motels and empty student accommodation.

"Hotel/motel accommodation was used as an immediate response, and ultimately, we will use this as an opportunity to support these Queenslanders into suitable, permanent accommodation," Queensland Housing Minister Mick de Brenni.

Posted 09-04-2020
​Micah Projects affirms survivors in the face of the High Court decision regarding George Pell

Micah Projects acknowledges the individual and collective impact of the George Pell decision on survivors of child sexual abuse.

Posted 23-10-2019
It’s now easier for child abuse survivors to sue institutions

The Palaszczuk Government has passed major reforms to make it easier for the survivors of all kinds of child abuse to sue the institutions where the offences occurred.

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D’Ath said the amendments to the Civil Liability and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2018 extends the definition of abuse to include serious physical and psychological abuse, as well as sexual abuse.

Posted 22-10-2019
First Anniversary of the National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

"The National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse has been inscribed on a vellum to ensure the voice of victims and survivors is forever heard.

To mark the first anniversary of the National Apology Minister for Families and Social Services Anne Ruston will today unveil the tribute that will be on permanent display at Parliament House."

Posted 05-08-2019
Greater investment in supportive housing needed

Expanded investment in much needed supportive housing and a recommitment to the goal of ending rough sleeping within the next three years should mark this year’s National Homelessness Week awareness campaign.

“We know why homelessness exists and we know how to end it.” Micah Projects CEO, Karyn Walsh

Posted 10-07-2019
Palaszczuk government to refer consent laws to Queensland Law Reform Commission

The Palaszczuk Government will refer the matter of consent in rape and sexual assault cases to the Queensland Law Reform Commission.

“… under Queensland’s Criminal Code, consent must be given freely and voluntarily by someone with the capacity to give it, and anyone found guilty of rape could be jailed for life,” Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath.

Posted 09-05-2019
Cafés serving hope to jobless

"Hope Street Cafés have marked their second and third year of training people for the workforce. …Training those with barriers to employment… is at the core of the cafés' efforts, with 27 now qualified in hospitality and 20 in employment."

Posted 01-04-2019
Micah Projects hosts a community event for National Close the Gap Day

The National Close the Gap Day, will be recognised today with a community event in West End, organised by Micah Projects.

Close the Gap Day results from the overwhelming need to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.