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Posted 07-01-2016
5th anniversary of the 2011 Brisbane Floods

During the Brisbane floods in January 2011, Micah Projects was a key contributor to the work carried out at the RNA Showgrounds Evacuation Centre and afterwards as community recovery efforts began.

Beginning on Tuesday 11 January, our Street to Home service and Brisbane City Council worked together going to all the known spots along the river where people live and sleep. 32 people who were sleeping rough were transported to the Uniting Church Hall in West End.

Posted 06-01-2016
4 myths that make L.A. County's homeless problem worse

“Study after study confirms that money spent providing housing and services to those who are homeless (or at high risk of it) is recouped on medical care, policing and prisons.” Great read in the Los Angeles Times that relates to homelessness in Brisbane - what we already know but presented with clarity and passion.

Posted 02-12-2015
Ken Lay address on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Extraordinary powerful keynote address by COAG Advisory Panel on Reducing Violence against Women and their Children Chair, Mr Ken Lay delivered on 25 November 2015.

"This research tells us – there are some poisonous and deeply entrenched ideas about gender." ...

"But look into coronial inquests into women killed by their partners …friends saw it, work colleagues saw it, sporting colleagues saw it, doctors saw it, teachers saw it, family saw it, many saw it. ... These men were supported by indulgent and unaccountable cultures."

Posted 25-11-2015
29 ways to honour Luke Batty

Today is the UN's International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Rosie Batty will be addressing both houses of the Victorian Parliament and has asked us all to sign her petition.

Posted 14-09-2015
Opinion: Justice system, legal and support systems and society as a whole must work together to stop domestic violence

"My heart sank but my head filled with rage when I heard another woman had allegedly been murdered by her partner." Karyn Walsh, CEO Micah Projects.

Posted 22-04-2015
Orphanage victims frustrated over National Redress Scheme

There is growing frustration that the inquiry into child sexual abuse will not be able to deliver an adequate national redress scheme to compensate victims.

Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Truth Justice and Healing Council speaks to RN Breakfast's Ellen Fanning from Rockhampton.

Posted 21-04-2015
CEDA Report: More than a million Aussies living in poverty a disgrace

"The number of Australians living in entrenched disadvantage is a disgrace and without a radical policy shake-up Australia will never reduce this number or the cost to taxpayers, CEDA Chief Executive Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin has said when releasing CEDA’s latest research, Addressing entrenched disadvantage in Australia, today."

Posted 10-02-2015
Warning to federal government over homeless funding

A coalition of more than 50 homelessness support organisations across the country is warning 80,000 Australians could be back on the street without a new federal government funding commitment.

Posted 02-02-2015
Australia 'faces $4bn' child-abuse compensation bill

Australia may need to pay $4.4bn as compensation to the victims of child abuse, officials say.

A consultation paper, released by Australia's Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, estimated 65,000 people may be entitled to compensation. The commission is investigating how schools, churches and government bodies responded to abuse claims and cases.

Posted 13-10-2014
Concerns that homeless left in G20 zone forced to fend for themselves

"According to the main organisation working with Brisbane’s homeless, Micah Projects, there are concerns the 'most vulnerable' could be inadvertently trapped by the security operation."