Compliments and Complaints

We value your feedback. Making a complaint, giving a compliment or offering a suggestion can help improve our service.

Pay us a compliment

Everyone loves to hear when they have done something well, and at Micah Projects we are no different. If you have something nice to say about us please email us and tell us what you liked about the service you received.

Give us feedback or make a complaint

Micah Projects is committed to improving our services and programs, and we value the opportunity to hear about your experience with us. Concerns my be raised by people, families or guardians who choose to work with us, our community partners, or the general public. We aim to respond quickly and offer a process that is user friendly and protects the rights of the person making a complaint. Your complaint will be handled confidentially and you will receive feedback about what we have done to respond to your complaint. Please be mindful we operate under the Privacy Act and therefore we may not be able to discuss matters without the person's consent.

Step 1: You contact us

Talk to someone at Micah Projects. Either:

  • In person
  • Phone us on 3029 7000 and ask to speak with the Feedback and Complaints Officer
  • Complete the Feedback Form or write a letter and email it to us, or post to PO Box 3449, South Brisbane Q 4101. Micah Projects staff can assist you if needed.

Step 2: We contact you

We will contact you as soon as possible (and certainly within 5 working days) to let you know we have received your complaint. We will discuss the next steps we intend to take to work through your concerns.

Step 3: We work with you to resolve your concerns

We may need to obtain more information from you or simply discuss your concerns further in order to work out the best outcome.

Step 4: A resolution is reached

We work to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome within 30 working days of first contacting you about your complaint.

Your right to take it further

If at any time you are unhappy with how we are handling your concerns, you may take your complaint to:

Please also feel free to contact us by filling in the form below.

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