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  • + - Introduction

    Homelessness, domestic and family violence, discrimination and social isolation are profound, complex issues.

    Innovative, evidence-based programs are demonstrating these issues can be overcome.

    Research, together with Micah Projects’ twenty five years of practical results, have proven change is possible, when opportunities and resources are made available. Success is most likely when community comes together.

    Herb-0472 web

    “Given where I’ve come from, I want to help other people. To show them that it’s not all down and out,” Herb. Photography: Katie Bennett.

    Read Herb's story.

    Working collaboratively with community, corporate supporters and other service providers is vital to the work of Micah Projects. Each partnership we form is unique but all share our commitment to prevent and end homelessness, domestic and family violence, discrimination and social isolation.

  • + - Corporate Supporters

    Micah Projects’ Corporate Supporters are businesses who believe in our mission and engage with us to create meaningful relationships for maximum impact.

    Supporting Micah Projects is a great opportunity to boost staff morale and engagement, while demonstrating your company’s values and commitment to corporate social responsibility. By working together with corporate supporters we are able to deliver our life-changing services and campaign for real change. To find out more email us.

    Ways for Corporate Supporters to help us include:

    Workplace Giving
    Workplace Giving is simple and effective. Employers can provide employees with an opportunity to make regular donations to Micah Projects.

    Micah Projects is a registered not-for-profit on Good2Give’s purpose-built Workplace Giving Platform. Good2Give is an easy-to-use and secure way for employees to give regular or one-off pre-tax donations directly to the causes that matter to them.

    To find out more about workplace giving programs, visit the dedicated Australian Tax Office (ATO) webpage or email us.

    Matched Giving
    A Matched Giving program can be implemented alongside a workplace giving program, or in its own right. Employers match the dollar for dollar donations of employees, to employer-endorsed charities, such as Micah Projects. Companies can choose to cap the maximum donation amount.

    Matched Giving is particularly powerful for building staff morale and engagement while demonstrating your company’s values and commitment to corporate social responsibility.

    Direct Donations
    Many businesses, companies and sole traders choose to champion a cause, for donations, fundraising and to promote to their customers. For further information, please email us.

    Opportunities to support Micah Projects through corporate sponsorship, include events and research.

    2016 Gabrielle Morgans

    “The team at Micah Projects fundamentally believe in what they do – they’re driven, they’re passionate and they know what they are doing. Investing in them gives us maximum impact for our funding dollars.” From left: Tina, Roger, Gabrielle, Conor, Tim and Steven.

    Read Gabrielle's story.

    Event sponsorship
    Event sponsorship opportunities are available for events including the annual Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance. This gala event is attended by the people we support, businesses, elected officials and the wider community.

    Micah Projects ensures our events, are as inclusive and accessible as possible. At the Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance people supported by Micah Projects, purchase tickets at a heavily discounted rate, as a result of corporate sponsorship and donations. They also choose an outfit to wear and keep, from new and preloved evening wear, donated by supporters, including workplace teams.

    Research sponsorship
    Micah Projects programs are developed, evaluated and updated, based on the best available evidence-based research. The Quality, Innovation and Performance team, ensure our programs are as effective and efficient as possible, to achieve the best possible impact. Opportunities exist to sponsor our independent, evidence-based research, to ensure operations continue to be based on the best available information.

    Support package sponsorship
    Companies can make package specific sponsorship, such as donating the cost of establishing a home, for an individual or family, as they move from homelessness into their new home. For further information, please email us.

    Our top Major Supporters are:
    Southside Toyota

    Australian Institute of Management

  • + - Collective Impact and Collaboration Campaigns and Partners

    Micah Projects is proud to be an active member of the community services sector in Brisbane and welcomes the opportunity to work in partnerships and collaboratively with other community agencies.

    Working in collaboration with other organisations, ensures skills and resources are focussed on the best service delivery.

    Micah Worker interviewing a person

    Interviewing people for the Vulnerability Index survey in Brisbane City during 500 Lives 500 Homes registry fortnight. Photography: Patrick Hamilton.

    Collective Impact and Collaboration Campaigns and Programs include:

    To find out more please email us.

  • + - Charitable Trusts and Foundations

    Micah Projects receives vital support from a wide range of charitable trusts and philanthropic foundations to deliver programs and work towards our mission.

    We are interested in developing relationships with charitable and corporate trusts and foundations committed to social justice.

    John Rose

    “My whole outlook on life has changed. I love the place. It has changed my life,” John speaking about Lotus Place CQ. John and Rose. Photography: Tracey Beresford.

    Read John's story.

    To find out more please email us.