Posted 13-05-2014
Key Findings factsheet from the Economic Evaluation of the Homeless to Home Healthcare After-Hours Service

Key Findings from An Economic Evaluation of the Homeless to Home Healthcare After-Hours Service, a report by Professor Luke Connelly, 2014.

Posted 03-05-2014
A Housing First approach to homelessness in Brisbane; Sustaining tenancies and the cost effectiveness of support services

A three year research project by Carolyn Mason and Dr Peter Grimbeek, 2014.

This research explores the experiences, and identifies outcomes, of a group of formerly homeless participants over a three year period, as they transitioned from chronic homelessness to a range of housing options, including supportive housing.

The report considers the cost effectiveness of the Housing First approach and was funded by the Ian Potter Foundation.

Posted 02-05-2014
Emerging Solutions: Homelessness Research

The 3 fact sheets investigate the key findings of the report A Housing First approach to homelessness in Brisbane; Sustaining tenancies and the cost effectiveness of support services and explore policy and practice implications across:
• Cost effective housing first interventions
• Supportive housing; and,
• Housing vulnerable rough sleepers.

Funded by the Ian Potter Foundation. Published in 2014.

Posted 24-10-2013
An evaluation of Brisbane's Street to Home Program: policy, practice, clients, outcomes.

Authors: Cameron Parsell, Wojtek Tomaszewski and Andrew Jones, The University of Queensland.

The 2013 study provides a detailed focus on Street to Home service delivery and the outcomes and experiences of Street to Home service users in particular.

Posted 24-07-2013
Brisbane Vulnerability Index Register

The Vulnerability Index (VI) is an international survey applied to homeless individuals as part of the 50 Lives 50 Homes Project in Brisbane since June 2010. The VI identifies the demographic and clinical factors associated with an increased risk of death in homeless individuals.

Posted 14-05-2013
Creating Homes: Lives Changing

Stories Compiled by Ben Pennings, 2013

Creating Homes: Lives Changing shares the stories of 22 resilient people. It shows how supportive housing makes such a difference. Not in data and statistics, but in the lives of real people.

Posted 24-04-2013
Micah Projects Child Aware Approaches Project Literature Review

Authors: Clare Tilbury, Peter Walsh and Jennifer Osmond, Griffith University School of Human Services and Social Work, 2013.

This literature review considers five factors that may affect parenting: mental health, substance abuse, homelessness, intellectual disability and domestic violence. The aim of the review is to map existing research pertaining to the impact of these factors on parenting and experiences for children.

Posted 19-02-2013
Micah Projects Practice Framework – Working with Children and Vulnerable Adults

Developed by Micah Projects, January 2013

Micah Projects works with children and adults to achieve a home, health and wellness, and safe and strong connections with family, culture and community. 

Posted 13-02-2013
Implementation matters: Using implementation frameworks to improve outcomes for children and families

Developed by Parenting Research Centre, January 2013

“Implementation is a set of planned and intentional activities that aim to embed practices within services to the benefit of families and children.”

Posted 12-02-2013
Practice Guide: Child and Parenting Needs for Micah Projects adult focussed teams to identify and respond to the needs of vulnerable children and their families

Developed by Parenting Research Centre and Micah Projects, December 2012

The Guide is to enhance the capacity of adult focused services at Micah Projects to identify and incorporate the unique needs of children who accompany their parents and/or carers into Micah Projects services. 

This Practice Guide forms one part of the broad practice approach used by Micah Projects staff and should be viewed in that context.