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Posted 11-02-2014
Royal Commission: Salvation Army leader cries while apologising to victims

A leader of the Salvation Army has cried while apologising to victims of child sexual abuse at boys homes run by the organisation. The commissioner heard that whistleblowers were dismissed as liars and boys were bashed if they reported the abuse.

Posted 16-01-2014
The homeless feel unwelcome in their own city

"… those who live homeless have effectively been banished from our community. They are not so much victims as they are asylum seekers in their own land – fleeing not just from the relentless threat of violence, but struggling to belong in a society that would rather shun them."

Posted 23-10-2013
Sleeping rough declines for Brisbane's homeless

In 2010 the 50 lives for 50 homes project, an integrated outreach program led by community organisation Micah Projects, united a number of agencies to tackle chronic homelessness in Brisbane. The results have been remarkable.

Photo: Robert Rough, courtesy of Brisbane Times.

Posted 18-09-2013
Building trust is the key to aiding Brisbane's homeless population

Police struggled dealing with homeless people in Brisbane's CBD five years ago. … But all that has changed.

Photo by Lyndon Mechielsen, The Sunday Mail: Sen-Sgt Corey Allen in the forefront under the Riverside Expressway.

Posted 02-08-2013
Casualty figures horrendous as Australia's 'war' on homelessness has become little more than a stalemate

This week millions of people around the world celebrated the birth in London of a boy who will never know want, alienation, marginalisation or homelessness.

Posted 04-07-2013
Goodness pops up in Hope St

Micah Projects is running a Food Connect fresh fruit and vegetable buyers group in the form of a 'pop up shop', in an unused commercial tenancy at the Brisbane Common Ground affordable housing development in South Brisbane.

Posted 01-07-2013
Homeless worst hit in squeeze on welfare

Welfare agencies specialising in services for the homeless, legal assistance, the needs of youth and emergency relief are the most strained in the community sector.

Findings from the Australian Council of Social Service's annual Australian Community Sector Survey, to be released on Monday, reveal extreme pressure on some services.

Posted 13-06-2013
A room of her own

"The two of them are living in one room in a boarding house in Brisbane's inner-north Fortitude Valley, and Eliza is the unexpected face of Queensland's homeless - children."

Moving story by popular journalist Frances Whiting about Ian Jackson and his daughter, 9 year old Eliza Jackson. Photography by David Kelly.

Posted 12-06-2013
Homeless man shot by arrow on Brisbane bikeway offered housing by Queensland Government

The State Government has offered housing to the homeless man shot with an arrow by a cyclist as he continues to recover in hospital. Interview with Jim DeCouto from Micah Projects Street to Home Team.