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Posted 21-04-2015
CEDA Report: More than a million Aussies living in poverty a disgrace

"The number of Australians living in entrenched disadvantage is a disgrace and without a radical policy shake-up Australia will never reduce this number or the cost to taxpayers, CEDA Chief Executive Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin has said when releasing CEDA’s latest research, Addressing entrenched disadvantage in Australia, today."

Posted 10-02-2015
Warning to federal government over homeless funding

A coalition of more than 50 homelessness support organisations across the country is warning 80,000 Australians could be back on the street without a new federal government funding commitment.

Posted 02-02-2015
Australia 'faces $4bn' child-abuse compensation bill

Australia may need to pay $4.4bn as compensation to the victims of child abuse, officials say.

A consultation paper, released by Australia's Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, estimated 65,000 people may be entitled to compensation. The commission is investigating how schools, churches and government bodies responded to abuse claims and cases.

Posted 13-10-2014
Concerns that homeless left in G20 zone forced to fend for themselves

"According to the main organisation working with Brisbane’s homeless, Micah Projects, there are concerns the 'most vulnerable' could be inadvertently trapped by the security operation."

Posted 15-05-2014
Homeless children in Brisbane on the rise as three-year campaign to combat homeless launched

A staggering number of homeless people in Brisbane are children, according to research compiled as part of the 500 Lives 500 Homes campaign. Community service providers and volunteers surveyed 548 homeless individuals and 177 families around Brisbane during two weeks in March.

Posted 13-05-2014
Nurses: A vital resource for health

In Brisbane’s south, three dedicated nurses are providing health care to the most vulnerable in our society, people who are homeless.

Posted 05-05-2014
Helping homeless cheaper than courts

"Placing the homeless in permanent accommodation with access to a case manager is much cheaper than having people go through court. It would cost $2,172 a year to house the homeless at a long-term address compared with $8,719 if they went through the justice system, a study of homeless people in Brisbane found."

Posted 14-02-2014
CBS 60 Minutes reports on the 100,000 Homes Campaign

Giving apartments to the chronically homeless can save taxpayer dollars, advocates say. Anderson Cooper reports on the 100,000 Homes Campaign, an innovative approach to fighting homelessness.

CBS 60 Minutes, 9 February 2014 (an add plays for the first 30secs)

Posted 11-02-2014
Royal Commission: Salvation Army leader cries while apologising to victims

A leader of the Salvation Army has cried while apologising to victims of child sexual abuse at boys homes run by the organisation. The commissioner heard that whistleblowers were dismissed as liars and boys were bashed if they reported the abuse.